I have nothing to post!!

cause I had a fucked up long day, I havent heard O&A in about 3 weeks, except for a half hour last week when i heard mark was suing them, Are ron & fez starting to get boring or is it me? I heard a little bit of the radio chick today... after about 5 minutes I put on Krock.. Big brother is the most rocking thing on the internet, FU to the sun, fuck cadillac motor division for making me take apart my dashboard and make my own bulbs from radio shack parts because cadillac does not sell the bulbs cause they want you to buy the whole part, Fuck Nextel for all the people that direct connect at the worst possible times, Fuck you to jobs that want 5 years expierence and a degree in rocket science blah blah blah.......

Just checking in....


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Damn Stingray sorry to hear that things are not lookin well for you...I wish you all the best babe you deserve it...things will start looking up soon chin up :)
Stingray are these people calling you on the Nextel Direct Connect fish smelling dried up pieces of dog shit. Hey Stingray do you have any ladies at your job that are a constant nagging babbling bitch who smells like dried up dog shit and her twat smells like dead fish and her armpits havent been shaved since birth? :) :) Fuck everyone thats my motto!!! ;)


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One can't listen to O&A everyday or you will get tired of them and know what they are going to do next.