I just heard a bit BABE RUTH IN HELL

That had to be one of the funniest things I heard in a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time, man o man,

Gettin hooked quick!.

The only bitch I have is that WCKG is running them at 9:00 pm!,

I have written WCKG to put them on live,

Like I said gettin hooked QUICK,
wait till you hear more of anthony's voices!

check out Chewbakas sound clips from the link on the sidebar or the sound clips section of www.foundrymusic.com Some great bits in those sites!!


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No doubt. That Ruth from hell bit is hysterical. There is more and more funny shit on the way bro. Past and present. They are playing alot of old stuff to get you guys caught up. They did the same with us in New York. The old shit is great and the show has been on fire for the last year with non-stop hyterical radio. There have been no low points. Everyday you will laugh your balls. Ofcourse that's my opinion I can't be wrong. :D Welcome aboard DIZ

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just wait till there heard the rest of the bits


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i think that if you find syndication underground you can hear them live. I'm not sure of that though.