I know why the XM studio aint done yet


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damn, xm really is outsourcing the shit out of its workforce
poor donkey. I thought all of these guys had IEDs strapped to themselves or somehting anyway.


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Notice how the nappy headed sand hoes were taking the stuff off the front of the cart first. Guess the suicide bombing, and smelling like shit classes are more important in thier schools rather than basic physics.

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No wonder them dumb fucks blow each other up all day . they got all the oil and they are using a shrimpy donkey to do all the work. Waht a bunch of jackasses


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I heard that XM is too busy making that "WELCOME HOWARD" Sign that he was promised with the merger .....and boy is it a big one.


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someone (with talent) should photoshop a wow sticker on the donkey.
Look, its hard to do the remodel.

Removing one chunk of the old studio out at a time...

The new phone system is a bitch to put together...

Designing the sculptured facade is very hard...

Anthony's comfy new chair is taking a few extra weeks to get the design right...

The new Pal Talk camera system is going to be hot once done...

We are having some problems, but those workers are being "corrected"...


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Thanks for showing us your mule! And an erect one at that!

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