I learned that O&A show is addictive

It only took me an hour to get hooked. I have to thank FoFo and Mavric for helping me out with links and stuff. Is this like the best show on the airwaves or what?? ;) Also, big thanks to Opie and Anthony for actually asking my question on the air. The answer was inconclusive at best but still... Thanks, guys. Whatever the story is, all Dice fans should check out the link below and vote for the Ford Fairlane sequel.
What's funny is that there's like 200+ fans out there that seem to know something about this, and the man himself doesn't. Too bad I don't have the guts to give that screenwriter an e-yell... Who knows, maybe the question will soon answer itself.

I'm tuning in today at noon CA time. O&A, YOU ROCK!!!


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A shameless plugster huh. Your site is great ok? ok. Forget Ford Fairlane, noone will even produce it. Dice will make a cop movie next. um a little bird told me that then flew away.
FOR THE 100TH time, THIS IS NOT MY SITE! Some guy built it on Angelfire named Chris. The other site, I don't even know whose it is! I couldn't build a site if it came with instructions! The whole "Ford Fairlane 2" thing is a rumor, and I'll be glad it if was true. Why are you saying that no one would produce it? The story idea that I read sounds really cool! It's gonna be way better than the original. Few sequels are, but the ones that ARE better, KICK ASS! And dat... dat... dat's what I tink! :D


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So how much are you going to pay for Dice to be in your movie?? ;) ;) ;) :p
OK, I'm going to say it one more time and that's it. THIS IS NOT MY WEBSITE OR MY MOVIE, NOR DO I KNOW WHOSE SITE OR MOVIE IT IS. I'm not a friggin writer! I couldn't write a script if Joe Eszterhas was telling me what to do. But I did send an email today to the address I found on this site Script reviews
ineedajob@hollywood.com and said, "whoever you are, I dare you to come out and tell the truth." Let's see what happens, I'm curious. As a Dice fan I really want to see this movie. I loved the original Ford Fairlane.


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I learned that Max Is the #1 Dice Fan Ever..
:D :D :D