I learned that


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Today was Day 0

Rich vos loves Jef Norris

Jef ross told marion he saw the tape she was in called Cows Gone Wild

Earl loved his lap dance and also he knows how to smack that ass

that Anthony Said Howard Stern Today


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I learned Gorilla boy loves the sneak attack method.

I learned Gorilla boy owns his own limo service, it runs soly on picking up Otto.

I learned Jay Mohr was using his pimp-hand once again, and getting some tongue action from Kelly Ripa.
I learned that Black Earl is the biggest puss on this side of the Hudson! If I had a car, believe you me, I would've been carrying Monique like a fuckin 6 pack man!

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I learned that Opie wanted to say "Your Mom's Box".
That WNEW's managent is stupid to let go of their flagship show.
That Black Earl has remembered that he is a guy.
That you cannot win against comedians.
That what they said about one day they not being on the air anymore could come true.
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I speak the human language
True Jay. Except I learned that those Spazz bits never get old. Man he was a knit wit. Haha. Also the celine dion bits. "Near, far, whereveahhhh!!!!ver you are... I love that bit. :D
They will be back mark my words. I dont know why people think this is the end.