I Learned This Year!


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1.Opie got the Chick fired
2.Norton has no shame showing his mule.
3.This was the year to tool on Rich Vos
4.Jeff Ross telling Marion she is doing a movie called Cows Gone Wild.
5.Marion's pad looks like a pillow they give you in airplanes.
6.Norton does not use condoms when fuckin hookers.
7.Rich Vos Likes to show strippers pics of his kids.
8.Bad Idea doing the Crue Challenge with Mendi and her friend.
9.Opie found out somehow Lady Di thinks she has a chance with Anthony. ;)
10.Stacker 2 ads done by Lisa Orband.
11.Steve likes to pinch Opie's ass
12.Od Stole wnew 15 minute phone cards.
13.Joey Paesano is Dave Thomas
14.Chris Kattan is a whiney little bitch.
15.Jim Norton talking about the hummer he had with a transsexual,while Florentine knocking at the door.
16.Florentine is not on the O&A show anymore
Hoo Hoo.
17.High Pitch Eric likes to wait outside for O&A and talk to them.
18.The Fish From Mafiamob is somewhere in the office.
19.Now it's mine.
20.Ying Yang Party.
21.The Huge WOW sign was taken down from Time Square.
22.The XFL shows only lasted for a month.
23.O&A were goin to play a game called ****
Run Around Park For Erin.
24.Jim Saying he has a hard on the size of a newborns head.
25.Stalker Pattie's Body Looks like a Ant.
26.Jeff Norris atacking Rich Vos.
27.Black Earl has a Ulcer.
28.Ken Stevens Walking around with a huge pen,begging O&A to sign the contract.
29.Squeegee Teens never happend.
30.Steve C got his ass beat buy a ultimate Fighter.
31.Melissa gave everyone in the office a hard on,and had them all shy.
32.The Stoner dudes where never heard off again.
33.Rick walking in a Gay Bar.
34.Fez has a crush on Mario Cantone.
35.Dice has a new Cd coming out with Dice Bop!
36.Stinky's team won the Sex For Sam 2.
37.Opie&Anthony hate Al Dukes,for fucking up the Fooze Ball Table.
38.O&A lost the Miss Pacman Game.
39.Nikki from we deliver keggers has a spot on her tooth.
40.Homeless Shopping Spree=Always Funny.
41.Rich Vos likes to sell dryer Doors.
42.Sandy Kane does not bealive in doctors(Just like the Easter bunny <~~~Ant said this)
43.Norton quit smoking after what he saw with that guy.
44.Stalker Patty Shaved her bush.
45.Stalker Patyy Shaved her hair for U2 tix.
46.Norton should have a mullet cause of the music he listens to.
47.It's not **** if they blink twice.
48.Norton likes his chicks intamate of areas to look like roast beef.And the lips to look like 2 truck tires.
49.Vos likes to show pics of his apartment on his site.
50.Rick saying coffee tea or me to gay marco.
51.Rick has a collection of 1950's cds.
52.Ziggy singing silent night=always funny.
53.Norton hates video games but he likes Grand theft auto cause you get to fuck hookers and then run them over.
54.Tom Brokaw cant say O'clock.
55.Tom Brokaw cursing like a sailor.
56.Ozzy saying helicopter.
57.Rocko does fake shows.
58.Men Peeing in condoms=Gay Show till the strippers come in.
59.The Telethong never happend.
60.Ashley is a goer.
61.Ant's in my pants and it was bigger than a elephant.
62.We all found out what Twato was (God Help US ALl)
63.Jeff Norris didn't do the Voice of Edith Bunker Orgasm.
64.Ken Stevens and Mellisa are lovers.
65.OD has a twin brother.
66.Vince Neal and Nikki Sixx calling Pamela Anderson Yoko Ono.
67.Norton wishing a shooting at the VMA's
68.Norton telling people at the VMA's "You Dropped Something"<~~~ Florentine told him about it.
69.Kimmy kissing Mario Cantone.
70.Dice and Jay fighting Now it's mine.
71.It gets cloudy in the Vma's
72.Stalker Patty pissed on herself.
73.Opie losing his mind.
74.Norton likes to touch his mule infront of the boys.
75.Norton likes to slap his mule on chicks laps at the wow tour.
76.Tyson punching someone cause they said hello.
77.OJ got caught selling drugs.
78.Anthony telling opie he has ways to fire people.
79.Sandy makes Opie's lunch.
80.Norton had somewhat of a hummer from Terri Weigel,but never came.
81.The Hello lady never got the Rick Springfeild tix.
82.Stoner Spelling Bee never happend with Jim Bruer.
83.Stinky has his own club called CLUB STINKY.
84.Rick almost got fired.
85.3 rights make a left
86.I wanna go home.
87.Anthony thanks opie for getting him a job in radio.
88.Look what I did to you again.
89.I learned that spaz(aka Kevin)was there that Friday the week of September 11th.
90.That the Mary kate and Ashley Olsen song of that day never happend.
91.A New way of the alphabet.
92.Richard Jeni was there as a prison visit.
93.Stalker Patty touched Ron Jeramy's mule for U2 Tix.

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This Christmas Jim Norton will be singing "Crinkle All the Way" ;)

That it's a lot easier to litter train your pussy (cat, that is) :p if the box reads NORTON'S FACE. :D

Never go on O&A with Marion and Lady Di and ESPECIALLY never sit between them, because retardness is contageous and you'll end up looking retarded yourself. ;) :rolleyes:

Jay Mohr's wife likes to smack teenage girls and her husband lost his yambags. :D

Nobody will ever buy Norton's act anymore because he feels sorry for Stalker Patty and gave her money.

You can't say "condom" and "litter box" on the air anymore. What the f***??? :confused:


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i learned
1. wnew need a van
2. the are cancer wires in the bronx
3. antrax pills are on sale by the corner store look for O.D.B
3. Be carefull what you post on the message borads :D


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I learned that some people are not glad to have a family :mad: :rolleyes: :mad: