I learned


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That Sandy Kane does not bealive in doctors just like the Easter bunny.

Norton quit smoking after what he saw today.

also I learned that i'm not goin to take any more stacker 2's cause all i have to do is look at that pic of sandy Kane.


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OH SHIT!! I missed the show today. I had to do some work. Hooki up fax machines, choose a computer at Office Depot for someone who runs a tourist business here in Vegas... Could someone PLEASE fill me in about what happened on the show??? I really wanted to see it. Damn... :( I'm definitely staying home on Tuesday and tuning in for the Homeless Shopping Spree ;) I ain't leaving the house even if an earthquake occurs. :D


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Let me tell you this..
You are one lucky fuckin person that you missed that show.I am still getting sick from what I heard.
KILL SANDY KANE :mad: :mad: :mad:
I missed most of the show (fortunatly I guess), but I learned that I never want to see "twatto" again.


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So tell me Fofo, did Norton really quit smoking after what he had seen on O&A? ;)

If you're serious about killing Sandy Kane, I'd do it. I've been in an "I want to kill somebody" mood lately. Twatto seems like a perfect candidate. Death is the best cure for genital warts. :p


i learned if i have some kinda weird growth or something don't i repeat do not goo on o + a!!

man that was some funny shit though!!