I like Turtles


Yeah....Wait What?
Well cause I listen to the show live and replays through out the day and get hooked with the saying's and audio clips that they play over and over and since I have the ring tone on my phone I like turtles my girl bought me this when she went to the Amish country this weekend isnt she cute :rolleyes::icon_conf



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Yes she is.....oops im sorry i was looking at your avi. at the bottom there
She fucked up a 3 word saying! Maybe it's her way of confessing to banging the wackbagger turtle.


Old enough to be Stig's perverted uncle
Who doesn't like turtles? A little bit crunchy and one or two bites and they're done.


Old enough to be Stig's perverted uncle
Of course it's best to wait until next Spring for the Chesapeake Bay soft shell turtles.


not hump...THUMP!
A trained turtle...stay...rollover...