I liked the new Van Halen song.

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You either like Van Halen or you don't. Most of Van Halen's Songs make no sense either. You just listen and enjoy it or not.

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I knew people who hated Van Halen because it was "crotch rock".

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They are the new Spinal Tap, but without the cool lyrics and 12" stonehenge that's in danger of being crushed by midgets.


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Yea, I've heard lots of thir stuff.
I think it's awful.


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Was This on the show today? How bout a link next time so we can all enjoy. Or at least a song title.


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Was This on the show today? How bout a link next time so we can all enjoy. Or at least a song title.

Not too bad of a song. Certainly better than most of what passes for mainstream rock these days.


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The song is Charles Barkley terrible.



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Well as long as it's not Steve C terrible I guess they're ok.
I'm a big fan of Van Halen. This song is okay at best. It has a couple of decent parts, but it doesn't have the big riff/hook and Dave really sounds like shit in places. I don't expect much from the new album so I'm not losing any sleep over this being kind of meh. Missed the segment this morning, was it brutal?


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It's pretty good I guess. The music and melody are awesome but the lyrics stink.

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It's not good.

I've heard all the Van Halen I need to in my life.


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Loved original VH. This one's not that good.


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I like the old top 40 Van Halen songs because despite being douchey, they are firmly ingrained as part of my yoof. All the similar poofy haired, gender-bent bands of the era are as well.
I don't really need more of that 30 years later. It sounds to me like the vintage songs must be to a teenager hearing them now.

I do like it better than the rap guy yapping about his shitty kid, though.


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Just listened to their new song! No energy, boring lyrics, no cool Eddie guitar solos, modern day David Lee Roth is a complete bore, the new bass player is fat and retarded looking, give up Van Halen, you rocked 30 years ago, now you are old. Time is a bitch, give up.


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With Hagar they were the Nickelback of their day. With DLR they were Nickelback with the whitest, douchiest, most awful annoying lead singer imaginable.

I never didn't detest DLR. I'm really happy Jimmy's been mocking that wacky surfer talky horseshit more and more the last two years, it was the worst thing I've ever heard.


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That is a really bad song, terrible lack of a good melody, bad singing, boring guitar work, all in the first 30 seconds and then I gave up.

They should rename the band VanHoward Stern.


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I've never been able to take VH seriously as a real rock Band. Eddie and his brother don't look like rockers, more like Dorks and Roth always reminds of a clownish gameshow host with the extreme smile on his face. Yeah, Eddie has musical chops, but the music doesn't have a hard edge to me.


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I can't say I don't actually enjoy some vintage VH. I agree with most of the points you made, Bobobie, but even so, many of their songs actually had nice melodies, good driving power chords, and decent lyrics. And like him or hate him, Diamond Dave, in his day, could belt out a tune.

Tattoo sucks a big sack of veiny cocks though.
I like how Jimmy said he likes the "tempo", then went on to display that he doesn't know what that word means.