i love the randomness of the world


well shit the bed
so i'm at my mom's just watching an arrested development marathon. i see this girl i haven't talked to in a while who i found on okcupid on aim. so i start talking to her. she's saying how her boyfriend has been away on business for a month and she's all horny. now, she lives about an hour and a half or so away from me but it turns out she's at her parent's. after asking where that is, she's in the same fucking town as me. so we met up behind this school at 4something am and she blew me in a parking lot across the street behind a box truck. classy gal. and pretty fucking sexy as well.

so what awesome, totally random shit has happened to you guys?
I won the lottery last Wednesday .

85 mill. Yeah lifes okay

Creasy Bear

gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh
Why didn't you bang the shit out of her? "whaa"
Because then he would've seen shim's cock and the cat would've been out of the bag.

Q: What kind of chick sucks dick to cure her "all horniness"?

A: The kind with a dick.


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
How come I can imagine myself turning into Mike Yanagita in that scenario. That or give some incarnation of the Bad Lieutenant "I've done so many bad things" speech.

Norm Stansfield

How come I can imagine myself turning into Mike Yanagita in that scenario.
That might be the most horridly embarrassing character in movie history. Whenever I watch Fargo, I just have to skip that part. I can't watch it. Argh, just seeing the name makes my skin feel like I touched a fucking snail.


well shit the bed
unfortunately, she closed her fetlife account or else i would have posted all sorts of fun pics she had. and i would have fucked her had i not jacked it twice prior to this lil meet up. i didn't think my balls had a 4th load ready to go and who wants to walk home with blue balls and a rod?


well shit the bed
How many fingers did you jam in and out of her wet poohah?
2. but i went more for the single fingered clitoral stimulation. it apparently worked when she fell into the side of the truck and said she couldn't take any more since she came twice. i love 20 year old pussy.


I prefer the three finger method with the thumb doing the clit stimulating.

Voodoo Ben

The African Dream
i once jerked off and then i when i was done i found out Micheal Jackson was Dead.


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Did she tell you which STD she has in her vag..