I might have to give this Dave Chappelle fellow a listen.


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Oh fuck no. Well over a million ratings averaging 4 stars, but look at all the woke "recent" reviews. And I posted that screenshot here in Jan '18. It's probably way worse now.

I actually feel sad for those people, regardless of how hard they try to protest anything to gain the approval of other people that are trying to gain the approval of some other people for some sort of internet wokeness, they'll never drop the facade and just admit it's fucking funny. Maybe they watch these sort of things when they know no one will ever catch them laughing at something inappropriate, I hope so, a life devoid of some honest humor just seems bleak.
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Saw this. Dont know if real but I'm not woke enough.

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Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.
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Rotten Tomatoes is owned by Fandango who have too many financial ties to the movie industry to be impartial. They recently added a slew of SJW reviewers to add political diversity to their reviews.


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I watched the special tonight and thought it was great. It was actual comedy again


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I understand that, using your draw to raise money, I just don't understand paying for funerals. I guess I'm conflating kindness with guilt.
Yup I agree with you. There's something 'off' with this guy. Besides the 'normal comedian outsider stuff'. I enjoyed his show. But I think you get more of the 'real Dave' on his stand ups. Watched a clip of him giving a commencement speech to a black hs or college where it was this weird humble brag vibe to it in a non-funny way and they weren't laughing, maybe some god complex.