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Who the hell produced that Jimmy autotune song? My god that thing's stuck in my head. If you're a 'bagger, congrats on the earworm good sir.


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One mans 'gem' is my fast-forward.

I also fast forward all of the Danny bits where the guest said some word a lot.


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I love the song OP.



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Who the HELL's got three hundred dollars??


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Dru Boogie the same guy who did bowling for behave


It's Dru Boogie. And that song rules, like everything Dru Boogie does.


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It's the eventual manifestation of what Jim's been talking about for years. Well not just Jim but all 3 of them. Usually it starts with talk about modern day rockers and their differences with old school ones. Then appearances modern ones have had on their show. Then what pussies they seem like. And then how pussy their music is.

me me me me mee
me me me me meeeee

(btw the basis for the whole entire thing is this:


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I usually like Dru's stuff but that song is an instant fast forward or change the channel. Annoying as fuck.


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Did anyone post the Ted Sheckler ghost song? That shit's the best.


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Haters. Love the "Me" song.


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Haters. Love the "Me" song.
Ever since I heard that song, it's what runs in my head whenever I see any of the OWS faggots marching around and beating drums. Someone should put that tune to a video montage of OWS footage. It would fit perfectly.

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I can't think of any production piece that I ever laughed at. They all pretty much suck, but that's because the people working for O&A&J produce them. The people who actually have talent and who actually make people laugh aren't making those pieces. They annoy me to no end. The Bobo villian thing, the guest who laughed like a stoner, every single one of those annoy me and I hate that they waste so much time coming back from breaks sometimes playing those retarded, unfunny clips produced by people who know nothing about humor and should stick to checking the microphones getting them ready for when the people with actual talent arrive to do their show.


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I find myself randomly singing "its almost time to go om" way to much lately


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I like the "I'm trying to control the Boner" and the "Almost time to go OHM" production pieces. Make me laugh every time.

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I like "Vos-apedia" and "Bobo Cop" and "Vos calls Radio Shack" (despite Danny being in it).


I'll give em a state, a state of unconsciousness
Pain hurts. Paaaaiin hurrts.