I Think They Call This Road Rage

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"After forcing the truck to hit his car because of slamming on his brakes numerous times, the truck hits his car. Minor scratches to his car, the truck needs a new bumper and grill. Road rage much? He purposely forced an accident and gets out of his car and starts doing this. A real motivated Sgt disrespecting a fellow Marine who is in a wheelchair and the driver who is a civilian.At the End of the video you see him place his hands on the trunk, well that is because the MP's pulled up and arrested him."



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the driver was probably a stupid fuck driving slow in the left lane and then video taping and asking for badge numbers and quoting quasi-constitutional rights. The guy angry outside just lost control because he can tell what a dick the driver is. Thats my opinion :D


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I'd have popped my door locks, and shot him as soon as he opened my door. Kansas state law says Castle Doctrine extends to your occupied vehicle.


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What a fucking asshole.


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Even though he doesn't look like it, I'm sure he's at least 1/8 negro.

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