I think this is more to Doug Stanhope's liking.


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Undercover sting nabs former school district employee for attempted child ****
Gordon L. Erickson
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SPOKANE, Wash, - Spokane detectives arrested a 78-year-old man and former Spokane School District employee Tuesday night, for two counts of Attempted 1st-degree **** of a Child.
After receiving information that Gordon L. Erickson was looking for young children for sexual purposes, detectives began a week-long investigation ending in Erickson's arrest.
An undercover officer with a fictitious 11-month and 4-year-old daughters set up a meeting with Erickson, who agreed to bring candy and popcorn for the children, as well as $100 per child to pay for sexual purposes.

When Erickson arrived at the location with the money and candy, he was arrested for two counts of Attempted 1st-degree **** of a Child, and booked into Spokane County Jail.

There is no record of any legal action ever taken against Erickson during his tenure with the Spokane School District.

Sweet Jesus.


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78? 4??? Is there a punishment worse enough for this... thing?


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78? 4??? Is there a punishment worse enough for this... thing?
Dude, I think you missed the ELEVEN MONTH PART.


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how did the 11 month old or even the 4 year old set up a meeting?


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I liked how the officer got him to bring candy too. It reminds me almost of an fraternity prank.


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Just an update:
Report: Child **** suspect 'always interested in young girls'

06:07 PM PDT on Tuesday, August 14, 2007


VIDEO > Docs: Erickson told prostitute 'to find him young girls' panties'
RAW VIDEO > Judge to Erickson: 'You're a danger to the community and the community's children'
PREVIOUS REPORT > Erickson's attorney: 'At an age like that, he's like a child'
SPOKANE -- Court documents detailing the arrest of a 78-year-old Spokane man accused of trying to have sex with a baby and toddler allege he had an interest in young girls for some time.


Gordon L. Erickson makes his first appearance in court on attempted child **** charges.

Gordon Erickson, a retired local teacher, faces two counts of Attempted Child **** after he offered $200 to an undercover officer, who posed as a mother. Police say Erickson wanted to perform sex acts on the woman's ficticious 11-month-old and 4-year-old daughters.

The documents, released Tuesday to KREM 2 News, showed Erickson was turned into detectives by a prositute.

The woman told investigators, "she was 15 or 16 when Erickson picked her up," and that they "had a professional dating relationship for the next 20 years."

The prositute went on to tell investigators, "Erickson was always interested in young girls," and he "asked her to find him young girls' panties."

The woman told officers she contacted police because "she was afraid Erickson would engage in sexual activities with young girls."

The court documents also cover conversations Erickson had with the undercover officer prior to his arrest.

According to them, Erickson told her not to feed her made-up kids so they would be eager to eat the candy he planned to bring them. Police allege it was Erickson's idea of a reward system.

Investigators say Erickson also told the officer not to be nervous because the children would pick up on it.

The undercover officer and Erickson met last week at an apartment in North Spokane.

He was arrested, but bonded out of jail the next day. He's currently staying at a retirement home on Spokane's South Hill.

Erickson's arraignment is set for later this month.


He was stupid. I was lucky. I will visit him soon.
An 11 month and four-year old? Holy shit, this guy is a fucking creep. If this guy wants to redeem himself in any way instead of wasting the courts time and money he should just blow his head off. Best and most fair thing for all involved.


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This guy is doing it all wrong. You don't :rap: a child. You make love to a child.