I want parenting lessons from this guy


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Haha yes! you found my video...now I don't hafta post it :)
Lol just kiddin but I am totally that kind of dad


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somewhere in this is a good Uncle Paul line. Or at least his creepy laugh. A-HEH A-HEH A-HEH
oh god damnit i cannot figure this video posting shit out for the life of me. Im sure the copious amounts of red dog aren't helping , but i am a fucking moron to boot.

this guy essentially ***** the kid through his clothes for 4 minutes, while the audience cheers along. I hate humanity sometimes. This is one of those times. How these people get away with this shit is baffling to me. This is on the side bar on youtube when you watch the creepy tv host video they did the little throw away bit on yesterday. i hope this guy was found swinging from the rafters in an abandoned warehouse somewhere.