Ice Hockey or Blades of Steel?

Ice Hockey Or Blades of Steel?

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CM Mark

The East is Ours!

Let the battle begin!!

Oh, and by the way, Ice Hockey >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Blades of Steel


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but but... Blades of Steel was from the makers of Double Dribble... I owned Blades of Steel, didn't own Ice Hockey.

Blades of Steel was badass though.


BOS destroys ice hockey ya fucking tool!!!
Holy shit I'm torn. I gotta go with Ice Hockey though. I remember playing that game for literally 48 hours straight when we had snow days from school.


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Blades of steel, c'mon 8 bit voices! and how could you not love those team colors!?


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I can't believe this is even a vote. If you didn't try out for car crash comedy, this would have been the biggest bomb ever by you.



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From what I recall, Blades of Steel came a little later and was in many ways better than the original Ice Hockey. The only thing I didn't like about BOS was that the players were fairly the same in terms of speed, size, and ability. Ice Hockey had what, a fast and skinny guy that can be hit fairly easily, a fat and slow guy that was hard to get the puck from, and a guy that was a mix of both. Fighting was definitely better in BOS though and it happened more often, sometimes 10 a game. I don't really remember goalie control in Ice Hockey, but the control in BOS was pretty good. The only thing that made it really hard was when you had a guy taking what amounted to a slapshot about 5 feet away from the goalie and the puck could just go anywhere on net. And the shot rarely missed the net.

Ice Hockey had more of the fun factor, but I'd go with BOS. In terms of later editions of ice hockey video games, nothing beats NHL 94, which is probably the best.
Ice Hockey all the way. Make a team of all fat players and you're unstoppable.
Two fatties, a medium guy and a skinny guy was my gimmick. I still have an NES hooked up and play with my buddy to this day. And the fighting in BOS sucked, Ice Hockey rules.


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I have my Sega Genesis hooked up to my crappy old TV if I ever want to play it. I loved that system.

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What is this thread about? I was distracted by Matty's sig pic...

I... I... I just don't know what to say


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Has to be Blades of Steel, although I do get misty thinking of all the bowl-haired japs in the crowd in Ice Hockey.


Good eeeeeeeevening.
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Very very tough question... after weighing everything out: I say ICE HOCKEY.

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if you lost a fight in blades of steel didn't you go to the penalty box??

oh and ice hockey....


they were both a shitload of fun to play. tough call.....tough call.

i'm pretty sure that ice hockey is on the wii virtual console and i downloaded it a while ago. it'd be nice to see BoS on there too. maybe i should hook my wii back up. it has been collecting dust for quite sometime now.

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Blades of Steel, but only if it is the arcade.
NHL 93 for Genesis though....