IceMan Fake or Real???

Ok who thinks that Iceman stunt was fake or real to tell you the truth i thought it was fake but after seeing his special last night im not sure.


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I believe all of Iceman's stunts were fake...I mean, no way could they have taught Val Kilmer how to fly an F-14 just for a movie...
OMG MaxPower. taht was pretty dam funny.... by the way.. Powerful name..
come on Max you deke. Hollywood (or was it Wolfman) did all the difficult flying maneuvers. Iceman just took the credit. Remember MAveric couldn't fly without Goose. Hello?

Pitch the ball faggot


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Actually, Cougar could fly without Goose...after the accident, first Sundown, then Merlin stepped in and took his place. And, considering there are no flight controls in the RIO's seat, Slider would have surely crashed right into the ocean if Iceman fell asleep at the stick...
We both seem to be so close to solving this one but.....
Goose never flew with Cougar. Cougar lost it while Maveric and Goose were having an international kodak moment. That is right Slider did all the stunts with Iceman. "Slider, you stink" Hollywood and Wolfman were together. But you are right about Sundown and Merlin. As for the Iceman thing. Ya I think it was all fake. There is no way He could have held the plane still so long while Mav and Goose had a clear shot. Although I do believe it was Iceman's fault for Goose's death.

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I'm a tool...I meant Maveric and not Cougar...brain fart...Anyway, I still say Iceman was fake: it was all models and wires...


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I think it was REAL...but yet..I am gullible..don't listen to me!
he wasnnt encased in the ice.. it was two blocks of ice with a space carved out in the middle so he had a little bit of room to stand and shit.. but it was real..
Isn't it the same concept as an igloo?!? Think about it...people supposedly live in ice this stunt wasn't all that impressive.

(I have to give my friend credit for thinking of that....Thanks, Jules! There!! You happy now?)
Dude, he had like, 2 inches of space on each side.. thats it..