Idaho fisherman finds human finger inside trout


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Idaho fisherman finds human finger inside trout

Lake Trout, file photo
Posted on September 25, 2012 at 4:12 PM
Updated today at 5:41 PM

Priest Lake

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PRIEST LAKE-- A fisherman claims he found a human finger while cleaning a fish he caught on Priest Lake in northern Idaho.

On September 11, Nolan Calvin said that while fishing on the west side of Priest Lake, he caught a large lake trout. Calvin began to clean the fish and discovered what he believed to be a severed human finger inside the fish. He put the finger on ice and reported the incident to the sheriff’s office.

The finger was picked up and examined by detectives from the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office who determined that the finger was indeed, human. Detectives were able to get a latent fingerprint so they began to search for a possible victim.

Detectives say there was a wake boarding accident on June 21 on Priest Lake off Kalispell Island. Haans A. Galassi, 31, lost four fingers from his left hand when it got caught in the towrope and the fingers were never recovered. Detectives were able to find a fingerprint card for Galassi and Idaho State Police confirmed the identity match.

Based on the location of the accident and the spot where Calvin caught the fish, it was determined the fish had traveled about eight miles north.
No one knows how long the fish actually had finger in its system, however, it was noted that the finger was in remarkably good condition at the time of recovery.


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