I was looking for a skeleton holding an iphone pic i posted a few months back and found this instead.


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dammit, thought this was a new app.

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I am no fan of Apple or its products, but I respect what the guy did.
I would die to after that disastrous press conference by Tim Cook yesterday,..


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so this is why they held back on the 5 release. apple, always thinkin' ahead.

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AP is reporting it too. Either someone hacked Apple's homepage or it's true.



What's black and white and red all over?
His last tweet:


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I think he's the first of those wiz kids that came up with computing as we know it in the 80's to pass. What a bummer, makes me feel old. You'd think with his wealth he could beat Cancer or whatever it was that slowly killed him.


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Just goes to show you...having all the money in the world can't beat cancer.


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CTRL + ALT + DEL, he'll reboot, problem solved


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Dump stock, dump stock.