If Earl was a......


Black Earl fan since day one
If Earl was a Jim Carey movie, he'd be Liar Liar.

If Earl was a lawyer, he'd study LIEability.

If Earl had dirty hair he's have LIEce.

If Earl was a fruit he's be a LIEm.


Black Earl fan since day one
If Earl was a NFL team, he's be the LIEons.

If Earl was a kids toy, he's be a LIEte Bright.


What's black and white and red all over?
If Earl was a man he'd be different.


Black Earl fan since day one
Thanks Don for keeping the bit going....

If Earl was a cat, he's be a LIEger.

If Earl was a tool, he's be a pair of pLIEers.
Thanks Don for keeping the bit going....
Thats quite alright. Those would have been my contributions to the pyramid if I had been able to get through. Instead my contribution to yesterdays show was my horrible stammering call about my ex-wife's labor.

Oh yeah, when Earl was a kid he played with LIE-onel trains.


space shuttle endeavouuurrrr
if Earl was a older gentleman he'd have a LIEmon party.

If Earl was a latino comidian he's be John LIEgazamo.

If Earl was a martial arts super star he'd be Jet LIE.


YiChen BuddhaChrist
Earl looks a little pudgy. He needs LIE posuction(please go to Kanye's black doctor).


space shuttle endeavouuurrrr
If Earl was a cartoon he'd star in the movie LIElo and Stich.
If Earl was a female pop singer, he'd be Carly LIEmon.

If Earl was a tranny movie, he be The LIEing Game.

If Earl was a movie monster, he'd be LIE-chael LIE-yers.

If Earl were a real black man, he'd be LIE Yellow.

If Earl were a van, he'd be an Econo-LIE-ne.

If Earl were an Italian inventor, he'd be LIE-onardo Da Vinci.

If Earl was a composer, he'd be LIE-chovsky.

Instead, he's just another balloon. :)


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If Earl couldn't keep his hands off female interns...he'd be LIEcentious......Swing and a miss
If Earl played hockey he'd be LIE Domi.

Then again, if Earl played hockey everyone would just point and scratch their head.


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If Earl was an O&A bit he'd be B-LIE-nd boxing

If Earl was in a cartoon he'd be LIE-nus

If Earl was a childrens story he'd be in 3 B-LIE-nd mice


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If Earl sister was Nicole Richie his father would be LIEnel Richie...


Listening from the Future
If Earl wants to invent more lies, he goes to the lie-brary to do some research.

If Earl was a discontinued soft drink, he'd be Lie-k Cola.

If Earl was a movie on Harrison Ford's resume, he'd be What Lies Beneath.

If Earl had a real job, he'd be fiiiiiiiiired!
When Earl comes to Wackbag he reads the LIEstening Threads

If Earl was a Wackbag member, he'd be Arc LIEte
If Earl was a hockey team, he'd be the Philadelphia FLIErs,
or the Tampa Bay LIEghtning.