If there's anybody here that's going to disrespectful to either the American or Canadian national anthem...

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grab your gear and get the fuck out now!

This guy is a minor league hockey coach in Connecticut named John Krupinsky.


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Not alot of angry black people in that room (or playing hockey for that matter)...so not necessarily the audience that is going to rebel against the system, maaaaan! But in hockey, you do have alot white New Englander douchebags that talk alot of shit about how they're for social justice, yet will do whatever their coach says cuz they gotta play or their parents will be angry.

Hockey doesn't have this kneeling problem....yet. Once black people conquer snow and ice, we're fucked.

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These tweets show up so slow I thought this was gonna be a mod ass-whuppin’ thread.

But let's face it. The NHL doesn't pull in anything close to what the other sports do and this is a minor league team.
It should never be about who you hate in office or what's going on in the country, It's about our country and what the past fought for to get here. It's not perfect but its moved forward. And I dont want to hear shit about about a piece of material doesn't represent our country. If that were the case, then every fucking country wouldn't have one. You want a better anthem, fine, you could argue that but like the guy said, you dont like it, get the fuck out. These protesters have no problem taking good money that they made off the country but have a problem with it. Leave , hand back all the money you made, start from the bottom and see how well you do in other countries.
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Hockey doesn't have this kneeling problem....yet. Once black people conquer snow and ice, we're fucked.
You shut the fuck up. The 49th Parallel is the same as the Allies vs the Axis. One stood. One fell. It will always be like that. Cold up. Nignogs down.


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John Tortorella was adamant about not disrespecting the flag and National Anthems as well. There was one tweener player in Tampa Bay that started with the kneeling nonsense he quickly changed his tune when he was getting crushed by opposing players and his teammates and refs did nothing to stop it. To save face he went on a ride along with the TPD and issued a statement that he now sees how difficult a job cops have blah blah blah. I think he was cut in the off season and hopefully murdered by a gang of illegal ailens that rapped his hiney hole and fucked his skull to death.

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