If you could be a rock star who would you wanna be?

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Well actually any musician if you could be any musician in the world living or deceased who would you wanna be?

I mean give it thought would you care about his/her musical skills, looks, intelligence or what?

Now being a beatles fan many people would think i would say lennon or mccartney now as a legacy ofcourse i'd pick them

But for me it's a toss up between hendrix and morrison. Cause i wish i could play a guitar like hendrix and live that lifestyle.

But i think i would pick morrison if it came down to it. Those looks and the voice and all that trim the man was the epidomy of rock stardom.

But then again hendrix....hmmmmmm
i picture sean being like sid vicious and wallst you can be alvin or maybe simon but not theodore


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I think I would wanna be Tiny Tim or maybe even Pee Wee Herman lol not.
John Lennon would have been cool to be but I wouldnt wanna be married to Yoky Oh No
So how bout Paul McCartney yeah and ill have to dump that whats her name um Peg or Ilien whatever it is.Ill be rich woo hoo

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Alvin or Simon.....hahaha you mother Fer
You honestly think you are funny........I was thinking more along the line of Opera Smurf
I would be Axl Rose so i would get my fucking mind straight and stop fucking around with GNR. I would go a get Slash back and tell him what it was just a little joke im mean where all having fun right!!

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
dude you sure as shit was axl rose the other night fuckin up that tree and causing chaos the only thing you were missing was the long blonde hair, the looks, the money, the fame, that talent, the name, and the ability to fuck over thoousands of people and not care..........holy shit that sounds like Sean Cold not Axl.

But you definetly had the mentality
Good Point Gonzo but also that means i would have been also banging Stephanie Seymour the Victoria's Secret underwear model at some time not anymore since she hates Axl.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
hey imoverhernow i saw stephanie seymour at the dunkin doughnuts last night.

I walked over to her and said

"hey baby, how about a boston kreme with that coffee."

She answered "sure baby"

Then i said

"Now how about we go back to your place and i give you my cream filled eclair."

Dude she was putty in my hands thanks for the advice bro'.
No problem Gonzo anytime. Always remember all the hot chicks are at Dunkin Donuts

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
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