If You Were In "Top Gun", What Would Be Your Call Sign?


Here'sh The Thing
Mine would be "FlapJack".
Because I like to eat flapjacks.

What about yours?

Norm Stansfield

Mine would be "FlapJack".
Because I like to eat flapjacks.
Your should be "battered woman syndrome", because apparently you have it. Why else would you keep coming back for more?

You realize that you could just make a new account, and then we won't automatically abuse you every time you post, right? At least not right away...eventually we'd probably grow to hate you all over again, but who knows...maybe you learned from your mistakes and we won't.


LDAR, bitch.
Mine would be Stewed Tomato.


Here'sh The Thing
Gee, you guys aren't getting into the spirit of this at all!


What's black and white and red all over?
Mater Hater


Why do black people call each other "Monica"?
Tall glass of milk


Here'sh The Thing
You mean der krrriegsmarine und dem luftwaffe, don'tcha Naziboy?


Liberal Psycopath
Also too wordy. Remember it goes on a helmet. 20 characters max
So my second choice of "Sallietomato is a cunt and I wish he would fall into a swimming pool of AIDS-infected razors and get AIDS and die of AIDS while we all laugh and point at his misfortune" is also out?