iLife '08


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Dec 23, 2004
Picked this up yesterday. Initial impressions:
iPhoto has some nice new features - finally got rid of the calendar year folders and added events - a new sorting method grouping photos by well, event. It is similar to the way Picassa and other programs work. Something I haven't seen before is when you run the mouse pointer from side to side across the event thumbnail, it scrolls through all of the images in that group.

The brand new, built from the ground up, iMovie stinks. If you are a fan of iMovie HD, you probably will hate this new version. It does integrate much better with iPhoto, so if you are just looking to build slideshows or edit the fifteen second videos that you took with your point-and-shoot it may be a better tool. For more advanced users it may be frustrating, especially when you go to look for the video fx pane and realize it no longer exists. I tried to duplicate a 30 second film I recently made in iMovie HD and I couldn't do it. So far very dissapointing.

I haven't used iWeb or Garage Band yet so hopefully I can update this info soon.


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Jun 8, 2006
let me know about garage band would ya? nice review