I'm a newbie with a couple of questions


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1. Why isn't the "stinky" cam ever on?

2. I believe it either Opie or Anthony who worked for a station here in Buffalo, NY a while back. It was called "the Fox", it's now called the "Edge". I was wondering which one of them it was, and if they keep in touch with anyone here in Buffalo. Also, i was wondering about their feelings on the Sabres.

Thank you for reading my ridiculous newbie questions!


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1.it was broken that why it was not on,
2.I thinks so but go to foundrymusic.com to find out more :D
1. It was opie, and it was "the Fox".
2. WNEW is/was too cheap to fix the "stinky-cam".
3. As Armymad suggested, check out Foundry. Esp. O&A for dummies. very informative.
No "newbies" here. And all questions are valid.
ps. you don't want Opie to root for the Sabres!

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