I'm addictd to Atomic Fireballs

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I have the t-shirt

I'm hooked on the fucking things. Hot Cinnamon jawbreakers. I got on them after I bought a bag of mixed candy for Halloween. Then we bought them at Target in Christmas ornaments. Huge balls that were so hot I couldn't keep them in my mouth (there, I saved you the time of making the joke). I recently paid $2.00 for a 1/4lb of them at a candy store in a mall. I finally found a place nearby that has them at a much more reasonable price. I bought 4 bags of them. Help me. I can't kick the habit.

Anyone else have a candy (not nose candy, or other drugs and alcohol) they are addicted to. Not just like, but have to have to get through the day?


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Those are good but i like..

now those are good


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I had the same problem with these awhile back...seeing them now i may fall off the wagon...or will i be back on it. OOOh hell i dont know...these things are the f'n best ever.....


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I was hooked on these for a while. I would eat so many that the roof of my mouth would be raw. Then I chipped a crown munching on one and I quit them alltogether. Now I'm jonesing for AFBs Man!

Oh, P.S. Sam's Club has that huge display fishbowl thing for like $8.00
My dad used to sell Snap-On Tools in the 80s and he always had a big box of these and the little strawberry candy that was wrapped in foil that looked like a strawberry.

He had addicts all over the South Dallas area buying tools to feed their ATF/Strawberry addiction.

Biff Hardslab

I have the t-shirt
$ 6.00...I checked. I don't know what I'm going to do in the summer time. I don't want a hot piece of candy in my mouth while its 90+ degrees outside.
I used to be OCD with plain M&M's.

I would have to open the bag a certain way, put 3 into my mouth, let them sit so they melt a little then eat them. I never just put them into my mouth and bite. I would eat 3 bags a day too and save them all. I used to be really fat and haven't eaten M&M's a lot since then but I still eat them the same way when I do eat them.


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i got one o their albums :)


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You suck on an AFB just right and you are left with a little #4 shot sized hard candy center. I just stole a few of the big ones my son got from somewhere.


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Love the AFB. Also can't get enough of Sweet tarts or Sour Patch Kids.

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I order them directly from the fererra pan website. bought a 10lb box of them for me for christmas.


remember lemon heads?
fuckin' dug them in grade school

either a pocket full of Lemonheads
or sunflower seeds

problem with the sunflower seeds
was i had to put the wet empty shells
in another pocket
until i could get to a trash can
outside of the nun's view


it's sositch sir :D

hi Hey Asshole

had a bit of a sweet tooth
when i was a lad

not much anymore