"I'm here to see Jim Norton's HBO show"


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Scene at Lincoln Theatre entrance, approximately 5:30-6:30pm.

Man/woman/group walks up to HBO staffer standing under marquee.

m/w/g: I have this email, it says there's a fanline.

HBO: Yeah, that's the fanline, right there. You go to the end of that.

m/w/g: You mean that roped off line that goes into the alley?

HBO: Yeah, you go to the end of that and we'll get you in when the doors open.

m/w/g: But you see I have this email. It says I'll get right in.

HBO: Yeah you're get right in after these other guys get right in.

m/w/g: *Walks merrily to alley, sees line extends to the other block and around, face goes slack at realization that he/she/they are more than a thousand back* "Fuck".

That was the scene a few dozen times. You think you were going to show up 20 minutes before the gates opened and walk right up front? Are you crazy? Hey loooooser! If you weren't milling around Ben's Chili Bowl at 3:30 waiting for theatre employees to show up then LOL @ U.

Okay, maybe it's not that funny and you were all perfectly reasonable and just wanting information on what exactly you were supposed to do after not-to-informative instructions were given to you via email. But after standing in a couple of hours of oppressive urban sun I got a little punchy. It was funny to me.


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Yeah that line was fucking ridiculous. It was fun though because in that part of town there are conveniently liquor stores located every 3 feet. Got a couple of six packs and had a mini tailgate while waiting. I fit right in to the neighborhood with the ol' beer in the paper bag gag.


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me: "but, but, the e-mail says the fan line to the RIGHT of the doors and the long ass line is to LEFT when I look at the building"

HBO: "yep, that's the right one"

I'll admit I was one of those that took a few seconds for it to sink in that the "fan" line was really the "regular" long ass line and that there wasn't actually a non-fan kind of fill-the-seats-with-rubes line needed since Jimmy just happens to have that many fans. :icon_lol: Sorry, it was my first O&A related event.


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Mine too. And I would have been right there with you but for the fact that I factored in a long wait for a half-smoke at the Chili Bowl that didn't happen, leaving me with about an extra hour to kill. It was ridiculous how quick that line grew.


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i got there about 5:30 and sat about 5 or 6 rows from the stage