In Defense of the Second Amendment


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Why we need the 2nd amendment. I vaguely remember this happening. Why would the pole help this guy? Comrade dibloblo hmmm any answers



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Red flag law in action.

That sucks.

Now, if I really wanted to be fair, I could say that the district doesn’t want to take any chances. But no better way to deal with it than keeping the kid from coming to school? No way to insure the kid isn’t packing on school grounds?

I guess maybe they feel like this has Newtown shooter written on it? Difference is that kid was clearly a moonbat.
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Bad move by Walmart. This is how BuyNLarge surpasses them to become #1, triggering the eventual desertion of Earth for centuries.


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I hope they televise the gun debate between Ted Cruz and Alyssa Milano now that Ted accepted her challenge. She's going to get wrecked so hard.

She can handle it though. She's used to getting wrecked hard.


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Like with Nike you will suddenly see Walmart become a beacon of morality and all that is good which will be good for business. The only way they lose is if they underestimated customer reaction.

It hurt Dicks Sporting Goods but that was easy to predict, angry feminists aren't known for being hunters, democrats in general aren't known for their love of camping.

I'm sure local gun shops are jumping for joy.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
I got this in my hugbook feed, I have been searching it out on google and had to dig several pages deep to find it, using several different key words, Because it doesn’t fit the narrative that CNN and the gun grabbing leftist like google want to project.

Apparently not only was the gun used in Odessa Texas purchased by a person prohibited from owing a gun because of mental health issues, he bought a gun that was privately manufactured and sold illegally.

it is not illegal to privately sell a long gun, depending on the laws in your state, Texas allows private sale of long guns.
it is also not illegal to privately manufacture your own firearm (rifle) in many states. Again, perfectly legal in Texas.


it is illegal for a person who has failed a NIBC to purchase, own or posses a firearm, this is a FEDERAL LAW
It is illegal to manufacture a firearm and then sell it without the proper paperwork a serial number and a manufacturer name after 1968. Again FEDERAL LAW

So, can someone please explain to me how more laws would have prevented that guy from obtaining and using a firearm