Infographic: The United States of TV shows


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I believe Warehouse 13 was set in the Dakotas somewhere.

Gunsmoke was set in Dodge City, KS.

Dragnet was set in Los Angles.


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Wasn't Mary Tyler Moore in Minneapolis?


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Hawaii 5-0?....
Northern Exposure?
Mork and Mindy in Boulder Colorado


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This infographic fucking stinks! No Lavergne and Shirley?! And Seattle isn't in Central/Eastern Washington.


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Arlen from King of the Hill I think is a combination of Garland and Arlington, suburbs of Dallas.


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Isn't Springfield in Northern Kentucky?


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The Bob Newhart Show: Chicago
Coach: Minnesota
The Dick Van Dyk Show: New Rochelle, New York
Newhart: Vermont

Also, The Sopranos wasn't really in Newark per se.
The Big Bang Theory is in Pasadena, not LA.
Parenthood is in Berkeley, not SF.

Hog's Big Ben

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Chicago has at least three shows that were airing as late as last year: The Good Wife, Boss, and The Chicago Code. Two of those have split five acting awards at the Emmys and Golden Globes, and the other one has Chicago right there in the fucking name.

Weak graphic is weak.