Inno2 with sureconnect

baby bagadonuts

im starvin, earl we got any babys back there
just ordered one and i want to know if you guys like it and if it's better than my myfi which after about a year started to work poorly. also what is sureconnect. anyway im sure i'll be happy with it
Myradiostore is selling refurbished inno's without the sure connect,I just bought one.
Sure connect is an a clip you add to your antenna so the other cars dont pick up your signal.
I use the tape adapter in my car so I'm not worried about the fm modulator.

baby bagadonuts

im starvin, earl we got any babys back there
thanks, just curious. the price was good on mine so i jumped on it. that's where i got it,


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SureConnect is the concession to the FCC over the FM transmitter power. First, they updated the firmware to disable the FM transmitter unless it was docked in the car cradle, but that wasn't apparently good enough.

The SureConnect units don't broadcast FM signals under any circumstances. Instead, they use induction (direct contact with the antenna) to inject the signal through the FM of your car radio. The signal should be stronger and cleaner than the traditional FM modulator.

Drawbacks - unless you have a exposed metal antenna on your car or a in-the-windshield antenna, SureConnect doesn't work.

My car has an factory stubby coated antenna that won't work with it, but fortunately I've got an auxiliary input built in to the dashboard.

For the times that I need an FM modulator, I have an external one that plugs into the headphone jack on the Inno and works fine. Had it for use with my mp3 player.