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Now, I know that people like Cokelogic, BlueHeeler, and others are always mentioned on O&A for their instant feedback, AND I fully admit that I am a giant douche nozzle bag whacker, but I was graced with my first on-air instant feedback this morning. Punchin' out for now...

Opie & Anthony's Instant Feedback


Line of Day (easily)

Anthony: "Then she(Eunice Shriver Kennedy) gets together a sporting event of people that had less brains than her brother did."


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I was used to seeing Stig's name and 4/22/09 in this spot.
How even do you send instant feedback these days, it redirects you to .com which doesn't exist

the guys are always talking about being lit up on twitter, how do you instatn feedback using twitter?


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To Instant Feedback using twitter

1. You need to have a twitter account.
2. Follow opieradio, jimnorton , anthonycumia, notsam, erockradio, troyquan, rolandos99 and travistefft by clicking the follow button on their pages.
3 Send messages including @opieradio and @jimnorton
4. Try to send relevant feedback.
5. You will know when you have been blocked by any of them if when you look on their profile the "follow" button has returned.
6. Repeat. :D