Interesting HOA story...


What's black and white and red all over?
The feud that consumed Fairfax County’s Olde Belhaven would span four years and cost the community as much as $400,000, and it was ignited by one of the smallest of sparks: an Obama for President sign.
Thanks Obama

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I found myself conflicted as I was reading the article, as I enjoyed the fact that an overreaching HOA got what they deserved. But, the fact that they were trying to make them take down an Obama campaign sign made me want to be on their side.
Prob didn't help that one of the home owners was a lawyer... wonder what agency she works for.


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The bigger issue was the denial of the roof and deck with plans. From the sound of it, there was no feedback from the HOA's "secret meeting" and just a flat out denial. In theory they should tell you what is nonconforming so you can fix it. The a HOA should have documented architectural standards.

This is also why I insist on being involved in my HOA. I'm not letting these morons ruin the neighborhood. I'd prefer not to have one, but it is difficult in northern Virginia.
all over a few inches, if my wife don't complain about a few inches, nobody else should.


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I despise HOAs, and still side with the homeowner... but it was tough to in this story. They signed up for the fucking thing and knew the rules going in, and decided to bankrupt the association over a stupid sign. Not to mention this is different than an HOA controlling individual properties... these were townhouses with shared common areas and shared walls. That's closer to living in an apartment than a house.

No to mention they fought a settlement because it was paid through "capital funds"... what the fuck does that mean? Capital gains income? If so fuck these liberal assholes.

Everyone involved is cunt to some extent. I really hope in absence of the HOA this subdivision turns into something from High Rise.


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You know the rules going in.

I have no sympathy for them doing what they knew was wrong.

They acknowledged that the sign broke the rules but said it seemed like an assault on free speech to go after a minor violation during the height of an election.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
fuck the HOA, i hope they learned there lesson.

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Not really an HOA... it's a condo board. If you're sharing a wall with your neighbor(s), then you really aren't the owner of the entirety of your property. Condo boards tend to be far cuntier than true HOA's in neighborhoods where each house sits detached on its own lot... a house, not a condo.

Condo living is for chumps, and megacelebrity comedians who have starred in several rejected pilots, and have gotten numerous positive reviews on their unsold movie.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
we looked into buying a condo years ago, it was dirt cheep, 30k, but the condo dues were as much as our mortgage was going to be