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Might be a case of 2+2=9,875,412 but some interesting points here.


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Read some of the comments under the article I posted. Some of those people are making some very good points. If the scope of this thing is as big as it's starting to look, Obama & Holder are directly responsible not just for a cover up, but for mass murder. This shit is going to get very interesting.

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You definitely called this one; I'm man enough to stand down when I've been shown the truth.

You know, we'd all take your posts a lot more seriously if you didn't always toss AJ buzzwords into every other statement. That's why I paid attention to this one; no stupid buzzwords!


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The case is older than the conspiracy theorists. Townhall's editor wrote an excellent book that details the whole series of events.

The story initially came from an ATF watchsite where anonymous sources tipped off the posters there. Eventually a whistleblower came forth. It was very inconvenient at the time because Holder was getting a lot of traction in favor of gun control.
I can't help thinking about wtf goes on we DON'T know about. They can justify almost any kind of bullshit. I really try not to be a conspiracy nut, but if you don't think there's shenanigans going on, you're very naive. Hate to say it but it goes beyond party affiliations too.

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And a nicely written article about the op itself:

Damn it, I'm going full kirktard.
That article isn't so nicely written.

MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other left-leaning news organizations have tried to minimize the scandal as much as possible, claiming it was “botched” instead of an operation designed to require Mexican fatalities. These and similar news media sought to provide Holder with political cover by noting how many times he’s appeared before the Oversight committee, while avoiding mentioning that he never provided the documentation Congress requested. Also neglected: the fact that Holder refused to fire a single soul involved.
Also neglected:
CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson was the first mainstream media reporter to really take on this story. She's been digging up information and writing constant stories on this for over a year now. She even received an award from the conservative Accuracy In Media watchdog group for her efforts. First time they gave it to someone from the MSM.

If Pajamas Media is going to bitch about media bias and transparency, they surely should have given her at least a passing mention. Just sayin'...