Intruder Shot After Locking Houston Homeowner In Closet Where He Keeps Guns

Tip to prospective home intruders: If you're going to lock your victim in a closet, be certain it's not their gun closet.

Police in Texas say a homeowner found himself shoved in his weapons closet when three men attempted to ransack his house around 2 p.m. Tuesday, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The man thought the suspects had left when he came out armed.

"He actually confronted one of the suspects who was still at his home and shots were exchanged," Sgt. J. Brandon told KTRK.

The homeowner shot one of the intruders in the leg, causing him to collapse outside. He was arrested.

The other two suspects fled in a black Chevrolet Tahoe.

Police did not specify the make and model of the homeowner's firearm.

The homeowner was not injured in the incident.

the Streif

We really need the fucking clappy hands back dammit!
I remember a cop saying years ago that to keep a hidden pistol in a bathroom with no outside window because a home invader usually locks the people in there.