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Ok... despite what a lot of you people might think about the iPhone, i decided to take the chance and purchase it on the 29'th.

However, i need some help determining if the at&t service will actually fit my needs.

I currently have verizon and i need to pay an extra 40-50 fuking dollars a month to get a good DATA package that doesn't even come with text messages.

my questions are: 1. has anyone had any problems with the at&t service around the Bergen County, New Jersey area? and 2. does at&t split up their data packages to something a tit more affordable than 40 - 50$?

Obviously, i could look at the website for question 2, but i figured i ask. Thanks again.


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I have traveled throughout Jersey with my At and T /Cingular Razr, and I have no issues at all with coverage.
As for the data packages, I do not know
With AT&T they have two different categories of data packages. It's like 19.99 a month for unlimited if you have a regular phone, but it's 39.95 a month (I think) if you have a PDA. I got away with having a Blackjack on a data package for a RAZR for about a year.

As far as the text messenging goes, they have unlimited for 5-10 a month. Trust me, it used to be a lot worse.


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i'm picking one up, but i'm gonna have to cancel verizon so that means a $175 broken contract fee (my agreement ends next year in may)

i think their pda data plan is 39.99 as said earlier, but a quick browse of the AT&T forums and seems that no one knows which plan will apply to which.

I have to pick a spot for it in ny, i'm pretty sure there's gonna be some sort of line.

FYI, i have the Q on verizon, the data plan is $44 for unlimited so i'm not gonna be surprised if AT&Ts plan is somewhere in that ballpark.