Iraqi Girl Killed By U.S. Soldier's 'Warning Shot'


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Iraqi girl killed by U.S. soldier's 'warning shot'

Child hit along road in Diyala province where bombs have been found

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BAGHDAD - An Iraqi girl was killed after U.S. troops fired a warning shot at a woman who "appeared to be signaling to someone" along a road where several bombs have recently been found, a military official said Thursday.
The shooting, which took place Wednesday afternoon, occurred in the volatile Diyala province north of Baghdad. An exact location was not given in a military statement.
The girl appeared to be "around 10 years old," said Maj. Brad Leighton, a military spokesman.
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In its statement, the military said that "coalition forces fired a warning shot into a berm near a suspicious woman who appeared to be signaling to someone while the soldiers were in the area. A young girl was found behind the berm suffering from a gunshot wound."
Leighton, however, said preliminary reports indicated that soldiers didn't believe the woman posed a threat of being a suicide bomber, but rather "they were afraid she was signaling to someone that the convoy was going by."


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It wasn't an intention killing, seeing as they didn't even know the child was behind the berm.

This is the sad reality of the U.S. soldier situation, though, where they have to be on guard due to all the savages exploding IEDs on the roads there.


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How can you shoot innocent women & children?

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How can you shoot innocent women & children?
Its pretty easy. When the savages over there use retarded people as suicide bombers, Im sure our soldiers are on watch for anyone and anything.


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I think we should shoot MORE women and children over there.
Fuck 'em.
Today, the savages sent home the severed fingers of some western hostages. I really want to kill every man, woman and child in the middle east. It would make life so much better for the rest of us.


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That silly bitch had it coming, afterall she was in a third world country and not here in America illegally where she belonged.
Shit happens. Why is this news? If a soldier blew her brains out with his sidearm, then OK, that's a big deal.

This though? Oh well.


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Who's pic is this, yours?

That's kind of fucked up to use a pic of a soldier that's smiling behind a mounted gun. I hope that's just your pic instead of one that the AP ran.
I have no doubt those shit-dick AP fucks ran that photo.