is Al Dukes a liar?

is Al Dukes a liar?

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May 6, 2005
during the show today Al Dukes said he was instant messaging with "Booker" about the arrest of News Anchor Alycia Lane, he said the conversation was brief because booker was on the air at the time, however Booker is on vacation this week.... and so is Lane (albeit forced to take it early)

so did Al Dukes lie, or just misinformed once again?

Alycia's boyfriend Booker missed Q102 concert Sunday

Embattled CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane's boyfriend Chris Booker, Q102’s morning DJ, was a no-show at Q102’s Jingle Ball Sunday night at the Tweeter Center in Camden. The station’s concert featured Avril Lavigne, Timbaland, Sean Kingston and Good Charlotte among other acts and all Q102 DJs were supposed to be there. Booker was in New York until yesterday evening as he met Lane as she was released from jail around 5 p.m. Booker was among passengers in a taxicab early yesterday morning when Lane allegedly assaulted a plainclothes female police officer. Her arrest was first reported on

A number of Daily News readers were curious to hear whether Booker would discuss the situation on his show this morning, and were disappointed to learn the show was on a pre-planned vacation this week.

Meanwhile, CBS 3, sources say, was already concerned over how Lane would be portrayed in an upcoming Philadelphia magazine profile, even before the most-recent chapter in the beauty's sad saga. We’re guessing Philly mag writer Vicki Glembocki’s got a lot of re-writing to do.

Meanwhile, in Lane’s absence, Larry Mendte will anchor the 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts solo, a station spokeswoman told us this afternoon. Lane will be off until at least January, the station says.