Is anybody watching Temptation Island?



Does anybody watch the show??? It blows, I don't even think anybody is going to hook up. What a waste of time.
Nah i really cant get into all these reality shows that are coming on tv now. I tried to watch it but i found it horrible.


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I like the show
and some one did hook up
Mandy kissed that one guy
and Kaya hooked up with that girl Megan
so there is some shit goin on

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Dam you must be just about the only person who has said they like that show. Everyone else says it blows.


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Personally, I kinda like it, but I think it would be more realistic if billy went and beat the shit out of that guy LMAO.
Is Billy the guy O&A where talking about that was yelling at the camera about recording a personal moment?
Oh jeez that guy is crazy.

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i did not have to read any other replies. That show blows!!. It is the biggest rip off of survivor. that wuahlburg charactor is trying too hard to be greg propes. In my opinion there is no fucking intelligence going into these shows just any assholes on a camera. Watch "oz" watch "sopranos" theres some good television. If ya wanna see real life shit i'll use my camcorder and send yall a tape.

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mmmmmmmm this show's my new heroin. it's free too!... yyeeaahhh... one better f'n bother me when its on... i'll kill you.


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