Is it double billing?


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Mar 25, 2002
Ok I'm in the middle of an argument with someone about this so I figured let me ask a bunch of people rather than a single person.
Last Friday I went out and gave an ESTIMATE to repair a lawn sprinkler system on this house. Now I assumed that there were no more than 4 zones there judging by the size of the property. I estimated that the job was about $570 parts and labor. So I start the job today only to find out there are 5 more zones. You see the amount of water available is horrible therefore you can only put so many heads on one zone. SO I called up there person in charge of th e house (the Realtor) and told here that the job would be a lot more than what I said because of the fact there are more things to do. I came up with an estimate of $1000 to do everything and I told her ON THE PHONE this is not including today. OK long story short, am I double billing this person for the job, and should I only charge them 150 now and 850 later?
Feb 20, 2006
If she's giving you shit about it then tell her to get another estimate (disclosing all zones and heads involved) and she'll see that you aren't trying to screw her over.
Jul 29, 2005
Sounds like you screwed up during your estimate. I am involved in contracting, but with bids, and if we screw up our estimates we eat it. That is why it is so important to do a thourongh estimate.

From their point of view you went out looked at the job, gave them a price for the work they asked. Now that your onsite doing work you are trying to double the price. Seems shady in their eyes, since you looked at the job in the first place.

I guess what would make the difference is how you wrote up the estimate. Were you specific to how many zones you intended to fix or were you general in stating that you would fix the sprinkler system?

If you stated zones then you are within you rights to ask for more(in my opinion), but if you were general with the description then you a prolly screwed.


Jun 18, 2005
If she's giving you shit about it then tell her to get another estimate (disclosing all zones and heads involved) and she'll see that you aren't trying to screw her over.

That's a pretty good idea.

I ran into the same type situation (from the owner's perspective) a few years ago when we tried to upgrade our sprinkler system on a ball field. The guy miscalculated how many heads it would take to properly irrigate the field. All it took was an estimate from another company for us to realize we weren't being fucked.

Sounds like you made a mistake, but aren't really trying to screw anyone. Be honest about the fact that you didn't realize how many zones there were and try to work something out that won't cost either of you too much money.


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Aug 23, 2002
you screwed the pooch buddy. i did it not long ago and fucked myself out of a ton of cash, basically i made nothing on the job. to save face i just made sure the job was perfect. hell right now putting the floors in my bosses car im loosing my ass but it had to be done. at lest when im dealing with insurance company's if the estimate is short i can call in a supplement, when i fuck up on a self pay it comes out of my pocket. since ive started to do more work on classic./custom cars, ive left more estimates open with the understanding about what can go wrong, i also quit warranted work on anything custom, depending on what failed. ive found that an overly technical explanation works best, loose them in the details and dazzle them with bullshit


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Aug 25, 2005
What you need to do is explain that you made a mistake and find out if they are willing to work with you. Alot of times instead of losing your ass you can offer to do the aditional work at a discount. If the people are assholes they will most likely make you do the work for nothing. It's tough when you bid jobs.


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Mar 25, 2002
See either way Im not loosing money,however Im not making the money I projected myself to make. In all honesty I charged 1000 to cover my ass in case something goes wrong or it takes more time to do the job. Im seeing the agent later and hopefully will explain and show her what is going on


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Jun 8, 2006
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Mar 21, 2005
9 zones, whats there around 45 heads? repair? 1000.00?

you made a mistake, it happens, do a change order or tell them to go fuck off.

I charge 125.00 a head for instalation of an irigation first mistake is working for cheap ass realtors.

PS how didnt you know how many zones there were? didnt you look at the box?