Is Joe Rogan ONA's biggest fan/guest?


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Always great to see a guest on the show be as enthusiastic about the show as we are.

I'd say Rogan is probably the most famous and enthusiastic, because the guy just loves being on the show and the crazy shit they do.

Jay Mohr might edge him out, but it's hard to say since he kinda slid over to RNF.

Rob Bartlett is probably the most knowledgeable guest/fan, the guy does Linger Longers that a lot of fans on here probably don't get.

Who else am I missing?


I believe Mr. White is the biggest pusher of the pogram on all of his Hollywood pals.


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I think Kevin Smith edges Rogan out by a hair.

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Definitely! I can picture Rogan sitting in his driveway waiting for a bit to play out so he doesn't miss anything walking into his house. And he is a highly entertaining dude on the radio himself.

Another great week from the boys!

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maybe, but having them both on was gold.
hey mike what's goin on???

ended up recording all the drug talk on fm and the entire stalker patti bit... radio f'n gold.


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Alls I know is that I wants to go floating.


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i wish Rogan was on more...never a dull moment...guy is just so passionate about stuff that it makes for an interesting listen.


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I think Kevin Smith edges Rogan out by a hair.
I love Kevin but I wouldn't quite put him in as a pure fan. I think he had a weird falling out with HooHoo and needed a place he could whore his stuff (I love Kevin Smith - but I'd think he'. He obviously likes them, but I wouldn't quite say a fan... or someone who just listens because he likes the show.. I feel it's a nice quid pro quo relationship, everyone is getting their dick sucked in the deal, Kev gets great plugs and ONA get great radio.

He also left Ant kinda hanging in the wind when Ant asked if there was a poker game coming up when he replied "Yes... *awkward silence*" and not saying "Hey you better come!". I guess it could be implied ;)
Joe's great and all but hands down I'm going with Chris Jericho on this one.


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NOBODY is a bigger O&A fan...


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What I love about Rogan (and I know this is diverging from the topic a little) is he really is not just passionate about the show, but about the concept of uncensored radio and really wants to push it.

I mean fuck, He was the one who suggested the baby bird (Than just named it, Rogan came up with the idea). His buddy Ari practically sexually assaults Patti on the air after they tricked her into thinking she was dosed. He calls out Dane Cook AND Mencia and gets ONA to play the damning Dane Cook / Louis CK audio.

He really loves to use every second on the show to its fullest with ONA in full cahoots.


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Joe is the man, and Ari is very very cool. He hooked me up with tickets to last nights show, but due to circumstances I could not attend. He is a very very down to earth guy. And his comedy is original, as well is Ari's. He is also, a very very intelligent man. I personally loved what he brought to the table on friday's show. I loved that he introduced the audience to floating. I tried it yesterday, and was intense. At first, you feel a little closed in. But, soon after the visuals come in, and you feel your body weight leaving you. And your mind totally drifting off, all you want is more darkness. I went here, for local nj people

Floatation Tank Center

936 Glenview Rd.

Ridgewood, NJ 07450 USA
Ansi Boudin
phone 201-652-4691

She is running the business from her house, and calls have been a little slow. She is a sweet sweet lady. At the atmosphere is really cool. Not a weird vibe at all. The tank was amazing. Yesterday, she had a ton of phone calls due to Joe Rogan & O&A. She said "I thought it was a full moon, i was getting so many calls" She is pretty booked up now, but try and give her a call to see if she has any openings. You won't regret it! Its about 70 for an hour and a half. The next time I go, I am going in longer, its so worth it! I sent her part of the show, where it was discussed, and she was so happy that people are talking about it. She also, said she emailed o&a to be a possible sponser on the
show.. Its amazing how much POWER the show does have. It was also #45 on the top google search list yesterday :)


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Sorry intelligent human being would admit the moon landings were faked. However, Joe Rogan = more gooder radio.


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Sorry intelligent human being would admit the moon landings were faked. However, Joe Rogan = more gooder radio.
I find everything he says very very intresting, and intelligent. Not everything is going to be correct of course, but he has his beliefs, and sticks by them. Gotta admire that. And he does give amazing radio. Whenever he show's up, I know its going to be a killer show. Babybird, and then the stalker patti thing. And Ari wasen't sure if he could top the babybird. :)


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Joe Rogan needs to host Coast to Coast. They could use some young blood.


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I always love when Rogan is on. I just wish that I could have heard more of the show yesterday. I only caught bits and pieces on the way to work and wasnt able to catch the replay like I normally do during the week.


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Rogan, Rowe, and Smith

i think are the biggest fan/guest/listeners of the show.

each one is a joy to listen to on the radio.


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Joe Rogan needs to host Coast to Coast. They could use some young blood.
Ab-so-fucking-lutely! Good call sir, can you imagine how the calls would be? More introspect on the mind. I'd have to quit the military just so I could smoke again!

Rowe, and Rogan= BIG friends of the show, but.... Bartlett does lingerrr the longerest.... I dont think Rob likesthe show.... He LOVES IT!!!!!!


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Joe was very funny, very entertaining to listen to and he did understand what the show is about.
On the other hand he further confirms the stereotype that all conspiracy theorists are pot-hads.
Should be on the show more often.


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Joe reminds me of Ted Nugent. Although I like Joe WAY more than Uncle Ted, Joe just sits there and seems to pull out facts from publications he's read to push his point. Who knows if its true or not... Most likely not, just like Uncle Ted, but makes a good show for sure.

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He's my favorite guest on O&A, higly intelligent, entertaining bad-ass. Heard him on O&A before and on Loveline. Every time he's on the show flys. Now looking into Salvia and floating. I miss him screaming at people on Fear Factor "YOU CAN DO IT" while drinking a cup of curdled cows blood.