Is Opie mean anymore???


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Lately he has been too nice. Will he ever return to is non-carring self?? Will the Al Dukes incident bring it out?



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Son, are you trying to get his attention. Now he will probably make an extra effort to be a mean scumbag today. I was going to call in today, but forget it now.


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Awe Poor Mav come on I miss the Mean ass Opie alot..he was funny as sin when he gets all rude.


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well atleast he is insensitive with the asian-dutch comment.

and the "Big Brother" story.
He can pull it out at any moment, maybe nobody's been stupid enough lately.
Bring a vacuum into the studio..that'll do it. :)


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Opie will always be a mean son of a bitch when he's mad anuf.


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Opie was fucking great today I loved what he was doin to patty...
we have our mean ass Opie back :D


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He will always be mean even if given free money or sex................ :rolleyes: