Is this being a douche?


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So I went and saw lil Jimmy On Feb 16 in SF, and he fucking rocked. So anyway after the show during the meet and greet the guy in front of me says
" I didnt like the show.....I LOVED IT!"
Jimmy was polite and all and said thanks and turned away to shake my hand and I just looked at him like Im sorry....
How many times a day do you think he hears that? Or anyone else with a famous catch phrase for that matter? Just wondering what you guys thought, but for me it was a major douche chill moment when he said that. Would you appraoch someone on the street and yell out something they were famous for, or just shake his(or hers) hand and just say thanks for entertaining me?


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It's obnoxious and douchey. The worst part is they actually think they're clever for doing it.
If I ever met Hoo Hoo face to face, I would say, "tell em fred"...whould that make me a douche?


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People who do that should be shot, without the courtesy of a warning of any sort.


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I think everyone at one time or another in their lives have gotten all googly over meeting someone they've always wanted to meet.
You have to understand. For every intelligent fan we see here, there are probably 10 more idiots out there that like the same shit.

I was shocked at how many mullets and meth-heads I saw at the first Virus show I went to in 2006. I thought maybe Def Leppard was playing somewhere in Camden that night.

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it's douchy, but in the guy's defense, he probably thought that Jimmy would be flattered that he knew his lines. Most of those who act like idiots think this way when they meet a comedian or actor they like. Same thing goes for the asswipes who yell lines during the show. I wanted to kill my friend for doing that at Jimmy's Borgata show. He thought it was hilarious to yell out 'pink sock' during the show. Someone below us did the same thing right after the asswipe sitting next to me (my friend) did it, but that didn't make it right. It's just downright rude.

But, the bottom line is, the guy at the SF show was a douche.


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I don't see anything wrong with what he did. He's a fan excited meet to Jimmy. It's a natural thing. I don't get people who are fans but don't understand when use show references. When did that become a bad thing? Ok, I admit it can get annoying if it's a constant thing, but I understand that people who have never met Opie, Ant, or Jimmy before will do that sort of thing. It's just being a fan. And I'm sure Jimmy hears that stuff all the time. But I'm also sure that he really doesn't mind. He's been on the excited fan side enought times to know what it's like.


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At least he didn't do a Steve From Yellowstone......Raaaaammmoooooonnnneeee!

That might have been embarrassing.


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he didn't do it during the show for attention. he's just a fan. i don't see a problem with it.


I guess its not bad now. But Dave Chapelle probably thought the same thing until people said, " I'm Rick James bitch!" a few hundred times.


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During the show = Douche

After the show at meet & greet = Fanboy


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that's what you get when you push catch phrases. the shit he puts up with is worth it for the on air humor
I must be a douche, because I remember meowing at him at his book signing in Chicago. :icon_cool


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Meowing is a completely different thing. Cat Noise Wednesday is the greatest bit they've ever done.


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It's a good question. I wanted to go see Jimmy in Portland tonight and I know there's not too many XM fans up here.. so in a dopey kind of way it would be like me saying thanks for more than just the stand up stuff....but how do you tell someone famous that you really enjoy everything they do without soundling like a total suck up? Having listened to XM for a few years (and a lot of the stuff from the early days) I feel kind proud of Jim for his increasing success and it would be a bit of shame not to have the chance to say that. Same goes for Lewis Black, I'd love to have the chance to tell him thanks too but I know I'd come across like an ass..... which I am.

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Some people just arent funny and are tacky... doesnt make em a bad person...

hes a fan and a good egg...


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I must be a douche, because I remember meowing at him at his book signing in Chicago. :icon_cool
But Mister are a FANCY douche! It's an important distinction, sir.


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Fucking your daughter.
During the show = Douche

After the show at meet & greet = Fanboy

When I saw Louis CK in December one guy kept interrupting him in the middle of the set (Louis was killing by the way, and this guy was almost ruining his flow) by yelling "I like turtles!". Louis didn't understand the reference, but the guy continued to yell it, as if repeating it was going to make it more obvious. Super douche.