Is this Kenny?


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Just saw this on awkward family photos. If it is not Kenny it sure is a dead ringer for him.


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Probably not, but it sure looks like him.


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Bitch please, Kenneth wouldn't get caught DEAD in those godawful earrings. He may be tough cop on the outside, but on the inside, he's ALL QUEEN. mm


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Usually these are shite, but this is damn good one. And post above me made me lol
Give the guy a break, Maybe he was doing Vice work that night trying to sting some johns?
I wonder how many times a Saturn circled his block?


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Kenny is a gentleman and as such would never sit with his knees apart in a skirt.


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Can't be Kenny. This guy's eyes aren't close enough and his hair doesn't resemble straw.


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Also this guys head is a lot bigger. Kenny has a huge body with a small persons head.


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Ive only heard him talk about having sons so either (just judging from the picture which I dont think is CSK) he just doesnt bring up a daughter or one of his boys is... special.