Isnt that some shit

That bitch the kat left The King after he wrecked his career for her... Fuck her King that dirty filthy whore she is.


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I heard that somewhere before today. Damn Opie is brutal though. He was just pounding Lawler today. I know I was cringing. He gave up 500 grand a year for that slut. Jerry the king may go OJ on this bitch. :D

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I think his chances of coming back to the WWF now are more gooder since he does not have that flat leaving bitch with him anymore. Did he mention anything bout that? I didnt hear the whole interview.


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I heared about it when ron and fez were talkin about it a while ago..i saw the site and how he opened his heart out to her in some letter...

that is some sick shit so fuckin sad and she royaly fucked him hard in his ass that fuckin cunt...


I speak the human language
That girl was a slut from the begining. He should have known she was just looking for fame. She realized she was going nowhere with him anymore so now she is probably looking for the next famous cock to ride. I hate those "Dick suck your way to the top" type bitches. All she was good for was a look. She didn't have the speaking ability on the mic. She was dumb hillbilly bitch.