It Is My Turn To Bitch!!!!!


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<FONT COLOR="Red">Well As I Quote Sean Cold!!!!</FONT c>

Which now brings me to that cunt FOFO. Hey bitch, still reeling from that lesson in humiliation I gave you? Stings a little I see. You are banned because no matter what story your simple mind comes up with, your IP matched with a spammer you child molesting whore. Then you cried and whined to try to get back on the board to no avail! We really miss your intriguing discussions that you had here. Why don't you try taking care of that poor kid of yours for once, it is called parenting. Oh, and we told you you were hot as sarcasm you tool! If you were really hot, how come you can't keep any man you manage to get your grubby paws on? That is because you are no where near hot, you have the vocabulary of a five year old, I have seen rocks with better personality than you and you are just a waste of life in general. Deal with that you cum gut having nitwit. Learn to speak when spoken to.

<FONT COLOR="Blue">Wow you are one great guy.... what the hell this did just prove?? Wait let me think here I know You are an Asshole and what you said means nothing you don't know me for shit so go fuck yourself........</FONT c>

And now what I have to say..........

Well, My thoughts on this.........
You can say what you want about me but I know what is true...get over yourself...
If I may not forget asshole weren't you the one that called O&A one time and gave me a shout out Fofo you rock (words of Sean cold)
and what about the old post on OA. Com who would you do..... what was it let me think here
Oh ya that's right Fofo...
Well, I know that I am not a whore who fucks anyone ... and it is not that I cant be with a guy it is that things just didn't work out like it happens to everyone in their life.....
Now that you talk about me being a Mom well think here on that one.
My kid is so well taken care of and is very healthy I have nothing to prove on that cause I know he is....

Since you have your little asslickers come to wackbag and see what people say gee that is funny since you don't care
what we say here..........

Well, well well Hmmmmm let me think on that yet you want shit talked about you all the time I say fuck you and die on that asshole....

Gee you say something about my relationship what about yours??? Huh ??
Where is your chick is she still with you?? Or did she leave you AGAIN?????

and you want to comment about me that is just to fucking funny on that
yet me and my ex are cool with each other it is all good that shit happens but they happen for a reason THEY DON'T WORK OUT!!!!!!! think on that one moron........

I don't think you have any reason to say shit since you don't know anything

So I say fuck you and your post was funny and all your little asslickers followed you well on it........

You are so fucking pathetic that you have to rant and rave about shit .......... I am not afraid of you nor anyone for the matter.....
you didn't make me feel bad you did nothing you are just a plain asshole with no life that to talk shit ... and you think you know everything yet you don't know shit

So I say fuck you on that......

Let me tell you something Sean I know what you said about me at parties and there has to be some reason why what do you love my name or something?? I mean come on now geez
all you can do is talk shit..... and all this little fucks follow you like roaches ....
what you did proved nothing but you are the biggest scumbag you asshole ......

"Always Keep Your Mouth
Shut And Never Rat On Your Friends.
Just Say No To Marrige

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<font size="1" color=000000>Edited on 03-08-2001 by: FOFOLINA.</font>
You know Sean, you're a fucking puusy to talk shit about about her kid! You are a fucking coward... Matter of face here...

Adam Wright

Mount Vernon, NY

Let's see if you and your retarded ass mod friends can find me.

Since we're taking pot shots... Hey Kid Africa! I know your mongaloid ass is watching, so listen up... Your mom is a crackhead and your pops is a good for nothing drunk.

Thank you.

Akane you dummy!!!!

Your local anime resident. :)


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Ahh it is ok I know the truth about me and how I am with my kid so fuck it.....
he can die that Goldilocks

"Always Keep Your Mouth
Shut And Never Rat On Your Friends.
Just Say No To Marrige


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fofo speak your mind girlie lol...and I know for a fact that your kid is well taken care of.

"Is it true chicks fart when you blast 'em in the ass?"
"Fuck,Fuck,Fuck a duck.Screw a kangaroo.Finger an orgy at the zoo!"
"She's a slut...BONNNNNG!"
Very well said. Sean do i sense a bit of sexual anger towards fofo. Sean how does that nice big glass of go fuckyourself taste!!!