Its fantasy football season!

Here are all the fantasy leagues I have set up right now. They are all on

Everyone is welcome. All I ask is if you join you play the whole year. If you don't think you can, then please pass on joining. If you join and don't play all year, your team will be locked or deleted and you won't be invited back. Also if you have any friends that might be interested please pass the info on to them. Leagues below.

Survival Football

Group ID# 1411
Password: 1234

Pro Football Pick'em

Group ID# 3079
Password: 1234

College Football Pick'em

Group ID# 1106
Password: 1234

Salary Cap Football

Group ID# 432
Password: 1234
Pre-season games in full swing now. Good time for a bump.


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Wait, you have to play throughout the season? You can't just set it up and follow? Too lazy for dat.
You still have until 7:30pm today to get in on the college pick'em league.