ITT: Wannabe pr0n stars getting trolled in audition room.


LDAR, bitch.
"Yer beat..."


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He's not really "trolling" them. He's just throwing truth bombs at them.
Did you go to the salon and ask for the Cornelius???

Did it for me.

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Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
I want to fuck every one of those white girls except the last one. Hell, I'd probably do her too just to complete the set.


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"You'd have to work at one of the skankier joints around the corner, with the fatties"

This guy is fucking great.


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ITT: Make-a-wish foundation kids getting trolled in cancer patient room.
I've seen SO many busted ass girls trying to get into modeling that it's just fucking laughable. These girls think photoshop only exists to help their modeling careers. Here's a clue; if guys are constantly flirting with you when it's not 2am at a bar; you might be attractive. Then you have to have a serious lack of flaws to be a model. The gulf between attractive and model is wide as fuck. I guess porn goes thru the same thing!


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Didnt Sin already post this somewhere? anyway this is Duke Skywalker and the likes from Facial Abuse i think