Iverson NBA MVP


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I checked it out before I even read your post. So f u. JK :D ;) Yeah he deserved this. I am so sick of everyone saying shaq did. Shaq is worse than rickey henderson when it comes to hustling. He hustles in the playoffs, but not in the regular season. So he didn't deserve shit. MAybe biggest a-hole who can score 75 ppg and just never plays is heart out. Fuck him. Congrats to A.I. the little piece trash that he is. :D He's also great for stomping queers.

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Yeah i think he has been the best player in the League for the last few seasons he just didnt get the respect he deserved from the media.


I speak the human language
No doubt bro, this was well deserved. He will never get the respect from the media. He is a kid and has his own life, the media don't understand that. So he raps about faggots. Who really likes queers anyway? I mean you can live with it, but who really likes them? It's all in good fun.

The media just takes shit too far. Who cares. He's a great basketball player, that's the point. Atleast the coaches understood that.