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‘Half-Life’ the Movie? J.J. Abrams and game developer Valve join forces

By Bryan Enk | Movie Talk – 55 minutes ago

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage
Directing the new "Star Wars" movie ("Episode VII," not one of the now increasingly confusing supposed spin-off films) apparently isn't enough to keep J.J. Abrams busy, as he's now got his eye on expanding his Bad Robot empire to the world of video games.
Abrams and Gabe Newell, the head of game developer Valve, spoke at a panel at DICE Summit in Las Vegas on Wednesday, where they made the surprise announcement that their respective companies would be joining forces to produce games and movies, combining their strengths to learn from each other and, in theory, take their respective mediums to the next level.
"There's an idea we have for a game that we'd like to work with Valve on," said Abrams, with Newell countering with "We're going to figure out if we can make a 'Portal' movie or 'Half-Life' movie together."
The announcement came as the closing flourish of a brief joint keynote by Abrams and Newell titled "Storytelling Across Platforms: Who Benefits Most, the Audience or the Player?" Abrams and Newell spoke candidly about the strengths and weaknesses of both film and video games, with the Abrams-produced "Cloverfield" being used as an example of an experience in which the viewer perhaps wished he or she could more actively participate (or at least ask Hud why he doesn't just drop the camera and run away from the danger), whereas Newell's "Half-Life" was used as an example of a game where, according to Abrams, "players are often asked to imprint themselves or relate to insanely mute empty vessels," referring to the cipher-like protagonist, Gordon Freeman.
"Portal" would certainly lend itself to Abrams' brand of crisis-structure (and conspiratorial) science fiction as the game features the player-protagonist, Chell, being challenged to solve an increasingly difficult series of puzzles arranged by an artificial intelligence called GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System), resulting in a sort of thinking-man's "TRON." "Portal" is actually a spin-off of the "Half-Life" series of games, which are sci-fi first person shooters set in and around a top secret research facility and, later, a dystopian Earth.
No word yet on whether the "Half-Life" movies will also have spin-off movies that focus on individual characters like Isaac Kleiner, Barney Calhoun, Eli Vance and Alyx Vance, but if Disney gets involved you can pretty much count on it.


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Darkness always says hello.
A Portal movie? Fuck that, just end Half life already and then do your shit, Valve.


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I'd rather see him direct a video game movie than Star Wars.

Half Life would be awesome.


LDAR, bitch.
Cosmic spallation particles.


Wackbag Staff
Never played Half Life but I think it could make an interesting action/drama movie is you combined events of a few of the games together


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Apparently they are in development.


When IGN pressed for a status update on the rumoured Half-Life and Portal movies, JJ Abrams responded, "Not yet, but they're in development, and we've got writers, and we're working on both those stories. But nothing that would be an exciting update." Au contraire, Mr Abrams; confirmation of their existence is more exciting than you think.

If the concept of a Half-Life or Portal movie is all news to you, I'm not surprised—there was a brief flurry of activity on the subject in 2013, when Abrams and Gaben got together at the DICE summit to talk about cross-platform storytelling. Newell suggested that "either a Portal movie or a Half-Life movie" could work, while Abrams said he'd like to make a game with Valve.

Even further back, in 2010 Newell lamented the quality of pitches he'd received from a litany of Hollywood production companies for a movie based on the Half-Life franchise.

"Their stories were just so bad. I mean, brutally, the worst. Not understanding what made the game a good game, or what made the property an interesting thing for people to be a fan of."

Evidently he found common ground with Abrams, because it seems the collaboration has the green light.


LDAR, bitch.
I'd rather just a new HL game.

Bill Lehecka

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Valve has no reason to make Half Life 3... Fucking Steam is where the money's at.


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Of course I am, silly. My point was, I don't give a care about a movie, I'd just like another HL game.
I heard awhile back that Valve had completely cut apart the HL3 development team and moved everybody into marketing. HL3 is not going to happen, ever.


LDAR, bitch.
I heard awhile back that Valve had completely cut apart the HL3 development team and moved everybody into marketing. HL3 is not going to happen, ever.
Fuck it. Many other good games out.


En Taro Anthony
At least we got to see that uppity Dr Vance get his.