J-Lo and her giant ass are single again:

Mother Shucker

I'm over here now.
After seven years of marriage, it's over for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.
I guess her ass did not sing to him.

Click here for link to article in People.


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WHO SAW THIS COMING??? (raises hand WAY up)


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Meh...she's a PR and that just doesn't do it for me.


Make America Gay Again.
Oh, allright. I'll fuck her.

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WHO SAW THIS COMING??? (raises hand WAY up)
Indeed. It's been rumoured for ages. Apparently, Marc Anthony is a, er, very 'hands on' husband. Likes using his hands a lot..............
Anybody who wouldn't fuck J-Lo is a racist and a homo. There I said it.:icon_mrgr


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WHO SAW THIS COMING??? (raises hand WAY up)
Well, if at first you don't succeed, try again, & again, & again, &...

Maybe she should forget the whole marriage thing.


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I'd fuck her, but I wouldn't brag about it. Her ass is nasty.
kardashian butt is big. [nsfw]

Don't know when this J lo shot was taken, doesn't even look real, but after a couple of kids and age.. this has GOT to be sagging now.

Both are, of course, a yes.